Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kiera Brinkley, Quadruple Amputee Dancer

Inspiration, determination, hope and NEVER GIVE UP are just a few of the powerful messages you will get when you view this video. Click on the link below to see Kiera Brinkley Dance and be inspired. Thank you Kiera. May you continue to dance and inspire others. The best is yet to come.

Kiera Brinkley, Quadruple Amputee Dancer

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so inspiring!

Thank you so much for sharing about Kiera. Makes me grateful for my own little aches and pains. I will never again complain about sore feet!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
WE Magazine for Women

Debra Shiveley Welch said...

Absolutely amazing!

Debra Stokes said...

She is so beautiful and so graceful! Thanks for sharing this Rosie. Just makes me want to broadcast her story into every school in the world! Young people need encouragement to pursue their dreams and Kiera is a true inspiration.

Eileen Williams said...


That video brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing and inspiring young woman. She brings entirely new meaning to the word, "grace." With the spirit and heart she shows the world through her dance, nothing can stop her. Thanks so much for sharing such a role model for the combination of talent and soul.

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